Wholesale Tea

Legend has it that tea was discovered in 2737BC by a Chinese Emperor when a tea leaf fell into his bowl of hot water … the rest is history! Today, we drink an estimated 165 million cups of tea a day and that is just in the UK.

Change Beverages are wholesale tea suppliers. We're not trying to brag but we can supply all of the tea you need to keep your customers happy, whether that is a trusty English Breakfast or an exotic Moroccan Mint.

Our teabags of choice come from Ridgways; the choice of the true tea connoisseur since 1836 and the favourite of Her Majesty Queen Victoria. We also create our own extraordinary loose leaf blends, using only the finest ingredients for the most sensual experience.

We supply a range of wholesale tea products including Fairtrade tea, speciality tea, as well as fruit and herbal infusions. We also offer a choice of loose leaf tea and string tag and envelope teabags.

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