Lavazza Ground Coffee

Mmmm Lavazza coffee! Everybody knows it's one of the best brands out there. You must be here because you want to serve the most delicious mouthwatering coffee around. Well, that's where our brew boffins come in ...

We are Lavazza coffee distributors. Our brew boffins travel up and down the UK to supply coffee shops, restaurants, garden centres (and other businesses) with this authentic Italian coffee brand. On this page, you can find our selection of Lavazza ground coffee but we also stock Lavazza coffee beans and capsules, as well as decaff Lavazza

Our range of Lavazza ground coffee is Rainforest Alliance certified so you can feel safe in the knowledge that the coffee you serve to your customers has been ethically produced. Rainforest Alliance standards are put in place to protect the environment, social equity and rights of workers in the country of origin.