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Amaretto Monin Coffee Syrup 70cl

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Product Description

If you love classic Italian coffee, then MONIN Amaretto Syrup is perfect for you. MONIN Amaretto tempts all tastes because it combines sweet and bitter to create a deliciously rich, warm and nutty taste. It’s an international coffeehouse favourite.



  • Warm and nutty
  • Fruity aftertaste



  • Luxurious Italian coffees
  • Hot chocolate drinks
  • Cocktails and mocktails


Tip From Our Brew Boffins

MONIN Amaretto makes a delicious Tiramisu Cappuccino.



The English translation of Amaretto is ‘a little bitter’. MONIN Amaretto syrup derives its rich flavours from the bittersweet, almond-flavoured, classic Italian liqueur. Legends suggest its history dates as far back as the Italian Renaissance. In 1525, a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci was gifted a bottle of Amaretto after painting a beautiful portrait of Madonna.