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Butterscotch Monin Coffee Syrup 70cl

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Product Description

MONIN Butterscotch Syrup takes you right back to your childhood in one sweet sip. Its delicious buttery caramel flavour makes a dreamy coffee or a perfect ice cream topping!



  • Buttery and caramel
  • Creamy with butterscotch flavour



  • Coffees
  • Flavoured milks
  • Cocktails
  • Dessert drinks


Tip from our Brew Boffins

Create your own butterscotch tea by adding 20ml of MONIN butterscotch syrup to 60ml of tea and 60ml of milk.



Butterscotch was first made in Doncaster as early as 1817. Early recipes for “Doncaster butterscotch” included boiling a pound of butter, a pound of sugar and a ¼ pound of sugar together, which sounds frighteningly sickly! It was said to be “the best emollient for the chest in the winter season”. Parkinsons have been internationally recognised as the inventor of butterscotch but others have tried to claim the product as their own.