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Change Chilled Loose Leaf Tea 500g

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Product Description

A moment of tranquillity in a hectic day, this Change infusion is a beautiful blend of Egyptian chamomile and French lavender.

Drinking Change Chilled loose-leaf tea could be likened to lying in a beautiful meadow on a warm summers day. By using whole pollen heads, our brew boffins capture the sweet and floral notes of chamomile.

This harmonious blend even looks as nice as it tastes because it’s made up of yellow flowers, pink rose petals and green leaves. Naturally caffeine-free, Change Chilled tea is perfect for the more health conscious customer



Light, fresh and floral



Chamomile, rose petals, lavender, lemon verbena, lemon balm.


Did you know?

The word “chamomile” comes from Ancient Greece. It translates to “ground apple”, a reference to the aroma of the chamomile flower, which smells like apple blossom.


Water Temperature: 100

Liquor Appearance: Yellow

Brew Time: 3 minutes

Milk: Without


*Kilner jar is not included. Tea comes in large foil bag for optimum freshness.