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Hazelnut Monin Coffee Syrup 70cl

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Product Description

MONIN hazelnut syrup is one of the top three speciality flavours for coffee, with vanilla and caramel being the other favourites. MONIN hazelnut syrup offers fresh and floral nutty tones with a subtle hint of almond and vanilla.



  • Fresh hazelnut
  • Subtle almond
  • Sweet vanilla



  • Coffees
  • Milkshakes
  • Dessert drinks
  • Hot chocolate drinks
  • Steamed milks


Tip from our Brew Boffins

Enhance a hot chocolate drink with MONIN hazelnut syrup.



The hazelnut, as you might have guessed, is a product of the hazel; a type of tree found in the northern hemisphere. There are numerous folklore tales surrounding hazelnuts. The Celts equated hazelnuts with wisdom. In one story, nine hazel trees surrounded a sacred pool on the Boyne, dropping nuts into the water. One salmon, which lived in the pool, ate the nuts and absorbed the wisdom contained within. It became known as the “Salmon of Knowledge”.

One day, a man, who on the hunt for knowledge, instructed his apprentice to catch and cook this salmon but he must not eat any of it for himself. Whilst the apprentice was cooking his master’s salmon, the fish spattered onto his fingers. Without thinking, the apprentice put his fingers in his mouth to cool them and by doing so he swallowed the salmon’s wisdom.