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Change Loose Leaf Mint Chocolate Rooibos Tea 500g

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Product Description

An indulgent infusion of luxurious cocoa and refreshing mint, this brew is the perfect after dinner treat.

Blended by our Brew Boffins, Change Mint Chocolate Rooibos loose leaf tea, is made up of coppery-orange, needle-like leaves and chocolatey flakes. When you smell this indulgent blend, it makes you say "Mmm" and when you drink it? It's "Aaah!"



Sweet with menthol and cocoa notes



Rooibos (60%), peppermint (20%), cocoa shells (20%), vanilla pieces, natural flavouring.


Did you know?

Rooibos tea is a caffeine-free tea originating from South Africa. The plant leaves look like needles but are fermented like ordinary tea leaves.


Water Temperature: 80

Liquor Appearance: Orange

Brew Time: 3 minutes

Milk: Without


 *Kilner jar is not included. Tea comes in large foil bag for optimum freshness.