Ridgways chamomile wholesale tea bags

Ridgways Pure Camomile Infusion Tea Bags 20 x 6

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Product Description

Camomile tea is perhaps the most famous of all herbal infusions. It has a history dating back thousands of years but was used most often in medicine.

The world “camomile” comes from the language of ancient Greece, translating to “ground apple”, a reference to the aroma of the chamomile flower, which smells like apple blossom.

Ridgways Camomile infusion yields a floral, honeyed flavour with hints of hot buttered toast and baked apples. It is a refreshing treat for any time of day, with the added benefit of being caffeine free.

Camomile tea should be drunk without milk but honey or brown sugar can be added to taste.

Size: 6 boxes per base