1. Gingerbread Loose Leaf Tea

Perfect for those colder months, this is a truly festive, warming autumnal tea with heavenly notes of cinnamon.


2. Masala Chai Loose Leaf Tea

Warm, enticing and aromatic, this spicy brew will transport your customers to exotic shores (and away from our cold British ones!)


3. Fairtrade Coffee Beans

Gloriously creamy with notes of caramel sweetness, this Change Coffee blend will not warm your customers' hands and their heart – because it has been ethically and sustainably produced. 


4. Hazelnut Coffee Syrup

Bringing fresh and floral nutty tones with a subtle hint of almond and vanilla, this MONIN syrup is sure to spice up any autumn coffee or hot chocolate. 


5. Salted Caramel Sugar Free Syrup

Forget crunchy leaves! When we think of Autumn, it’s all about the salted caramel. Art of Honey coffee syrups replace all refined sugar with pure honey as a healthy alternative for guilt-free indulgence. 


6. Zuma Hot Chocolate

Zuma Original is a beautifully classic hot chocolate. A blend of 25% West African cocoa and sugar, it’s smooth and sweet – like a top-quality milk chocolate bar. 


7. Lotus Biscuits

The Lotus Biscoff is the original caramelised biscuit. It has that distinctively delicious taste and sweet crunch. Everybody wants one of these to accompany their coffee – whether it’s autumn or summer.


8. Mini Mallows

Haribo Mini Marshmallows are the perfect topping for any autumnal cappuccino or hot chocolate. The kids love it... and the grown-ups too!

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