Coffee Supplies FAQs

Here are the questions we hear most often from our Change Labs. If you can't find your answer here, get in touch and we will do our best to help.


Why should I choose Change as my supplier?

Things are great in business until they’re not. Change are here when things go wrong. If you partner with us, you get the whole package including free barista training, commercial coffee machine installation and support plus our expert knowledge and advice! You’ll never need to worry when you have our Brew Boffins behind the scenes. Let us be your lab partners not just your suppliers. It's time for Change.


Why should I choose Lavazza coffee?

Lavazza is an internationally renowned Italian coffee brand with 120 years of coffee roasting experience. They offer superior blends compared to other brands because they only select the very best coffee beans from sustainable plantations all around the world. The methods they use to harvest coffee and extract the bean are what produce the extraordinary flavour in Lavazza coffee. It’s guaranteed quality in every sip!

P.S. We are an official distributor of Lavazza coffee so if you buy it from us, we can give you Lavazza crockery and point of sale items for FREE.


What is the best brewing temperature for coffee?

The key thing when making coffee is to never ever use boiling water. It burns the coffee and will leave a scorched taste in your customers' mouths.  If you want to make a delish brew, follow our advice! The temperature of the water should actually be between 91 degrees Celsius and 96 degrees Celsius but the closer you get to 96, the better!

Tea, on the other hand, loves boiled water!


I want to make a perfect coffee. How can I make sure that my milk is the correct temperature?

There are two ways ...

The more accurate method is to use a special milk thermometer, which we can happily supply to your business. The second technique is the good old “hand on the jug” method* and it’s exactly as it sounds. The milk is at the correct temperature when you can just about touch the jug without it burning you.

The ideal temperature is between 70 and 80 degrees Celsius.

Warning: *For adrenaline junkies only


What is the difference between Arabica and Robusta coffee beans?

Approximately 75% of the world’s coffee comes from Arabica beans. The flavour of Arabica is milder and sweeter than Robusta. Arabica beans also have higher levels of acidity than Robusta beans but contain about half the amount of caffeine.

Robusta coffee beans have a stronger flavour but they are generally considered to be of inferior quality, compared to Arabica. The stronger and more bitter taste of Robusta coffee beans lends itself well to dark roasted coffees such as espresso.

We supply Arabica, Robusta and mixed-blend coffees. 


How should I store my coffee beans?

Coffee beans have a limited lifespan. You should only ever use the exact amount you need in the hopper. Never leave beans in the hopper and never leave grounds in the grinder. Coffee beans lose their delicious flavour very quickly if they are stored incorrectly. We advise our partners to keep them in a cool, dark and dry place – and never use Kilner jars. Coffee beans gradually release gas which could make the jars explode!


What is the best coffee machine for my business?

There is no easy answer to this question. It is a very personal choice based on your requirements, budget and taste. We understand that it can be daunting decision but have no fear because our Brew Boffins will work with you to understand what you need and help you to decide what type of machine will be most beneficial for you - whether that’s a simple bean-to-cup machine or a sleek n’ sexy machine which makes four espressos at once!

We only supply the best apparatus for our customers because we want to help you serve the best coffee to your customers. Good business for you is good business for us.


What is the difference between a bean-to-cup coffee machine and a traditional barista coffee machine?

The two main coffee machines used commercially are the bean-to-cup machine and an espresso machine. The main difference is that bean-to-cup machines are very simple to use. All you need to do is press a button whereas a traditional espresso machine requires a specially trained barista to operate it. Depending on the skill of the barista, the traditional machine will make tastier coffee.

Reasons to choose a traditional coffee machine

  1. You want to serve the best tasting coffee possible
  2. You want coffee that looks awesome
  3. Coffee is key to your business
  4. You want to make multiple coffees at any one time

Reasons to choose a bean-to-cup coffee machine

  1. You want a machine that is easy to use
  2. You want people to serve themselves


How are commercial coffee machines plumbed in?

By a qualified coffee machine engineer! 


How long does it take to install a machine?

It usually takes between 1 and 2 hours for our Brew Boffins to install commercial coffee machines. We will arrange a pre-installation visit with you so we can check your setup and make sure the installation goes as smoothly as possible with minimum impact on your business.


How do I look after my commercial coffee machine?

With love! You should clean and refresh the steam wand after every individual cup of coffee you make and wipe the entire machine down regularly throughout the day.


Oh no! Something is wrong with my coffee machine. What do I do?

Give us a bell! We provide a call out within 24 hours unless extenuating circumstances prevent us from doing so. You can count on our Brew Boffins. We will get you up and running again asap.


How do I clean my traditional barista coffee machine?

We supply a range of specialist cleaning products which will keep your machine sleek and shiny, but most importantly in good working order. We always recommend that our partners do a “back flush” at the end of every day the coffee machine has been used. Plus, you should clean the steam wand after every use.

Coffee machines are like life partners. The more you cuddle them and show them attention, the more they love you!


What kind of coffee grinder should I use?

The one that suits you best! Our Brew Boffins will work with you to discuss your business needs and find the best hot beverage solution for you. Fully automated grinders tend to be more expensive but they remove some of the human error. Nevertheless, most baristas prefer to be in control of their grinder.


Do I need to descale my commercial coffee machine?

Yes, we would always recommend installing a water softener with your coffee machine. Our Brew Boffins will also service your coffee machines annually. A well-cared for coffee machine is going to be better for your business in the long run! We will remind you when it’s time for a service.


Should I use loose leaf tea or tea bags?

This is a personal choice based on the needs of your business. However, there is no reason why you cannot have both. String and tag envelope teabags are great for a basic brew and the mighty loose leaf adds variety, interest and excitement to a traditional cuppa.

The teabags we supply come from Ridgways; the choice of the true tea lover since 1886.

Our loose leaf tea is handcrafted by us in our Change lab and we offer an assortment of delicious flavours.