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a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

Brew Boffins

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NOUN (bruːbɒfɪn)

1. masters of the brew. 2. coffee wizards. 3. brew addicts.

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The Apparatus

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{Change Coffee} is grown well, harvested properly & processed carefully.

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The Science of a Great Brew

We don’t want to brag but our award-winning Brew Boffins can provide you with everything you need to make your customers happy. Okay, maybe we do want to brag a bit… but we’re a small business and we’re proud of what we do.

Change Beverages are an award-winning independent coffee producer and distributor, supplying coffee shops, tearooms, pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, c-stores, and offices with the very best hot beverage solutions and commercial coffee equipment - so you can serve the best brews to your customers!

Change Coffee is grown well, harvested sustainably, roasted carefully and then drunk with an “aaah”. Change Tea boasts exquisite flavours, delicate aromas and is made from natural ingredients. 

Anyone who chooses to partner with us becomes known as a 'Change Lab' and it's a badge of honour. It lets your customers know that you work with an independent producer and supplier with very high standards... and these days, consumers really really care about where their food and drink is coming from.

We are also an official distributor of both Lavazza and Kimbo coffee, as well as other popular brands such as MONIN, Zuma and Milfresh. Our extensive range of products includes teabags, loose leaf tea, coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee capsules, traditional and automatic coffee machines, hot chocolate, smoothies and branded crockery, ancillaries and POS items.

But it’s not just our fantastic products that we bring to the coffee table. We also bring knowledge, experience and passion and offer extra services to our partners, such as free barista training and coffee machine support. Did we mention we can also support you with our private label coffee offer? Your logo. Our coffee. Sorted.

Our job is to keep the drinks flowing and your business booming. Let's be lab partners!

Having been a customer of Change Beverages for several years, I have had no reason to go to any other coffee merchant. My customers love and enjoy Change Coffee. In fact, my customers often travel out of their way just to drink Change Coffee. Their level of service is worthy of a premier company.

Cafe Manager
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