Change Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea 500g

Change Loose Leaf Earl Grey Tea 500g

An inspiring infusion with a floral flourish, Change Earl Grey is light and punchy with a hint of spice.

Change Earl Grey loose leaf tea blend has a beautiful and full-bodied Sri Lankan black tea base (94%). Delicious chunks of orange pieces infuse the tea with a delicate citrusy flavour, whilst the yellow calendula petals add a taste of the exotic!

Of course, the most important and not-so-secret ingredient in Earl Grey that makes this perfumed beverage so popular is the bergamot orange, grown in Italy. Our Brew Boffins have used its natural flavouring in this quintessential British blend.



Light and citrusy with slight astringency and subtle sweetness


Sri Lankan black tea, Indian calendula petals & Bergamot from southern Italy

Did you know?

The term "Bergamot" stems from the Turkish word for "The Princes Pear". In the court of King Louis of France, aristocrats would wear bergamot scented perfumes and throughout Renaissance Europe, the wealthiest members of society used bergamot as a kind of deodorant. They hung pomanders scented with bergamot around their necks to hide the smell of their own sweat. Nice ...


Water Temperature: 100

Liquor Appearance:  Amber / medium brown

Brew Time: 3 minutes

Milk: With or without