wholesale lavazza super crema coffee beans

Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans 6 x 1kg

We have a whole latte love for Lavazza Super Crema Coffee Beans. Psst... we hope you spotted our pun there!

Lavazza Super Crema combines high-quality Robusta coffee beans from Brazil, Indonesia and Central America to produce this delicious whole bean espresso roast. 

Popular with coffee shops, this medium roast coffee is smooth and mild with a velvety crema, a fragrant hazelnut aroma, sweet honey and fruity notes, with an added hint of smokiness. What is not to love?



  • 60/40 Arabica Robusta


  • 6 x 1kg bags per case


  • Medium

Aroma and taste

  • Velvet and delicate flavour
  • Excellent creamy consistency

Result in the cup

  • Ideal for milky drinks
  • Goes very well with the traditional Italian breakfast (cappuccino + bread/danish)