Lavazza Blue Double Espresso Intenso Pod

Lavazza Blue Double Espresso Intenso Pod x 100

The Lavazza Blue Espresso Intenso blend is comprised of 40% Arabica coffee beans from Brazil and Central America and 60% Robusta beans from South East Asia.

The Espresso Intenso has an intense and distinctive flavour, plus an aroma to die for! It is true that the smell of coffee makes us feel less stressed. 

A medium roast with notes of caramelised nuts, the Espresso Intenso yields a particularly delicious espresso for true coffee lovers! 

The double shot capsule can be used to make two coffees at once using a Lavazza Blue machine or a larger, stronger single cup for the real coffee absorbers.



  • 11.5g and 100 pods per case



  • 40% Arabica
  • 60% Robusta