Change Loose Leaf Moroccan Mint Tea 500g

Change Loose Leaf Moroccan Mint Tea 500g

Zesty, refreshing mint balanced with Chinese gunpowder tea for a flavour that explodes in your mouth.

Beautifully blended by our Brew Boffins, Change Moroccan Mint loose leaf tea is an extraordinary combination of cooling peppermint tea and spicy Chinese pinhead gunpowder green tea with orange blossom petals.

Let this blend take you away to a sandy beach oasis - palm trees and all! Change Moroccan Mint is made up of rolled dark green leaves and light orange petals.



Refreshing, cooling and slightly smoky


Peppermint (50%), Chinese pinhead gunpowder tea (44%), orange blossom.

Did you know?

Traditional Moroccan Mint tea includes a lot of sugar! As brew boffins, we can't endorse anyone adding sugar to their brew.


Water Temperature: 80

Liquor Appearance: Amber

Brew Time: 3 minutes

Milk: Without