"A world that destroys the goods of nature is one I do not belong in” - Luigi Lavazza 1935

As a small family-run business, we are really proud to be official distributors of the international coffee giant Lavazza which, coincidentally, also started life as a small family-run business back in 1895.

Today Lavazza is renowned for being "Italy’s Favourite Coffee" with 16 million of the 20 million coffee purchasing families in Italy opting for the Lavazza brand.

However, the reason we love Lavazza is not just for the delicious coffee but the values behind the company. Lavazza currently supports 94,000 farmers in 17 countries through 24 projects.

They developed their Lavazza ¡Tierra! program to promote sustainable coffee practices and improve the social and economic development of coffee-growing communities in Honduras, Colombia and Peru.

In Colombia for instance, armed conflict had interrupted coffee-growing, but Lavazza supported over 100 farming families to restore their plantations and created sustainable working conditions.

Last year, Lavazza also achieved ninth place in the Global Reputation Track 2019 which showcased the top 100 companies that are most successfully driving corporate responsibility initiatives worldwide.

In 2017, they held a training course in India in partnership with Save the Children to provide coffee training to beneficiaries, offering them vital skills and opening up employment opportunities.

Closer to home, Lavazza and Arsenal in the community offer training to at-risk young people, supporting them to become fully-qualified baristas.

It is not just people that Lavazza protects. They are also committed to protecting the environment by decreasing carbon emissions.

In Lavazza’s plants in France and Italy, they only use 100% renewable energy sources. They are also focused on providing sustainable packaging.

In fact, Lavazza was the largest coffee manufacturer to launch its own range of compostable capsules within retail and will be launched to foodservice in Spring 2021.

Ultimately, Lavazza s more than just great coffee. It is an engine of change.



Source: Lavazza sustainability presentation 2020


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