Greetings, tea or coffee lover (we assume that’s what you are if you are visiting us!). Welcome to our new and updated website. Change Beverages are a team of what we call “Brew Boffins”, which can be roughly translated to:

1. masters of the brew

2. coffee wizards

3. brew addicts

We are not designed to blend in and we are proud to be peculiar. We are all about the science of a great brew!

coffee shop

Our directors, Alan Ramsay and Graham Newton, founded Change in 2012. They previously worked in Sales and Marketing but almost always within the hot beverages sector. In 2003, they won a contract to represent Café Direct, the ground-breaking Fairtrade coffee brand in the foodservice channel.

One of our most progressive customers was Chester Coffee, owned by Howard and Dilys Dodds, based just a few miles from Alan’s home. A professional and personal friendship was soon forged. In 2009, Howard and Dilys sold their businesses but we continued to meet to drink coffee, talk coffee and drink coffee – it is our passion after all.

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Three years later, Change Coffee was founded. A few years after that, we rebranded as Change Beverages to reflect our supply of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and everything in between.

Today, we have a beautiful new website where customers (old and new) can purchase the coffee shop products they are looking for. In the coming weeks, we will also be launching a new ordering system for Change Labs (customers who choose us as their long term supplier) which will allow you to access your exclusive price lists.

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To our current customers – Thank you!

To our new customers – We look forward to working with you!

To our potential customers – Give us a call! We are a small family-owned, family culture, honest, straightforward and ethical business. If we can’t help you, we will point you in the direction of someone who can!

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