Brekkie holds the key for business growth

We Brits spend at least £76 million daily on breakfast or brunch. More than one third of us are eating out at breakfast more frequently than we were two years ago and as many as 15% of us eat breakfast out-of-home every day at an average cost of £7.31. Why? Because 80% of Brits still consider breakfast to be the most important meal of the day.

So if you’re not open from morning til’ late, you could be missing a treat. And we’re not just talking about coffee shops. More than a quarter of Brits (28%) maintain that, if bars and pubs opened earlier, they would be their venue of choice for a morning coffee opposed to coffee shop chains like Costa. Capitalising on the demand for breakfast could be massively beneficial to your business and trade.

But make sure the hot beverages you serve are top notch because over 40% of people won’t return to a food establishment that serves them a crappy coffee or tasteless tea!


Amuse the kids & the grown-ups

Sure, the coffee shop revolution means most consumers are spoilt for choice when it comes to grabbing a morning coffee or a wedge of cake in the afternoon but when younger children who are full of beans enter the picture, parents are left sipping cold instant coffee from a paper cup at a soft-play centre.

Catering for kids, as well as the grownups, will help you to open up your establishment to a large demographic and build brand loyalty. If you can offer parents a space to relax with their kids, then they’ll come back without them.

Bring out the board games, which families can enjoy together. Crafting, colouring and creating are massively on trend too and think of all the pictures you could share on social media.


Think about where your food & drink is coming from …

Customers want to understand how their favourite coffee shops and restaurants are supporting local companies, as well as reducing their food waste and plastic consumption. If given the choice, 70% of Brits would choose British produce.

Sustainability is also mega important to today’s consumers. One third of people choose to shop with brands that are doing social or environmental good – and they’re willing to pay extra. Indeed, one quarter of millennials would pay 20% for sustainable produce.

Artisanal coffee, foods and craft beer is where café culture is heading…


Get the word out …

If you don’t already have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page for your business – you need to jump on that. What’s more, you need to actually need to post! Sharing images encourages custom, drives awareness and builds your brand. In the age of social media, it has never been more important to make sure your food and drink is Instagram-worthy; it needs to look as appetising as it tastes. Try to post at least two or three times per week on Facebook and at least two or three times per day on Twitter. Let people know about new products, offers, reviews, competitions and most importantly – interact with your customers (and potential customers).

Check out how we're doing it: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


Keep your menus fresh

We Brits love what we know. We like knowing what to expect but we also like to try new things. Consumers are becoming more and more adventurous in their tastes.

A menu that never changes feels stale to customers. Try changing things up now and again. Seasonal drinks are an easy way to get started. With summer on its way, you could add milkshakes and frozen yoghurt to your menu.

Many establishments make the mistake of only serving a “pot of tea” or “pot for two”. It’s your standard builder’s brew but there is a growing trend in loose leaf tea and infusions. Try offering limited edition teas for one month only and shout about it on social media to get people through your doors.


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